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Our Privacy Policy comes out clean from the policy of Genuine Novelties with a lot of regards and profound respect to the way we acquire, use and disclose all your details on our website Eventually, we understand likewise thank you who is actually concerned about our privacy policy especially in relation to the utilization and disclosure of our personal details. We provide a high privacy level in relation to all your basic personal information which we collect.


We are the only owners of this website and operate with a team of experienced IT experts who do nothing but ensure you travel safely without any problems. You can be contact us either by emailing us or better still writting us through our online chat likewise WhatsApp us. You can be certain 100 % that your information provided to us will never been seen anywhere on the internet likewise medias. We only use the information you provide for one thing, and that’s what it is meant for which actually is producing your documents and ensuring you a safe traveling.



Respecting the clients privacy is a must and has to be respected without any hesitation. Our privacy policy states that any information we collect from any client must be used for what’s it’s intended for. We do not want any problems or encounter with any clients in the future which is negative likewise we do not want any clients going to jail. Nothing keeps us going than the fact that our clients are safe and free from jail so because of this we have brought down the prices on all our real documents. This is to ensure that everyone is capable of purchasing a real document from us without any basic problems.

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