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We produce all documents for USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle east, Oceania, etc. We deliver all our real and fake documents discreet hence, ensuring all information of our clients are kept private. We do this by registering all the documents under confidential sealed parcels. All our genuine documents will be registered in the supposed database system hence very legit to use any where at any time. We have been offering documents assistance to a lot of celebrities likewise top politicians all around the world. We comprehend a lot of risks are involved in this and for this reason alone, we pay government workers to register all the information on the real documents into the data base system of the specific or country of buyers choice. We assure our clients nothing but the best.

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High Tech Printers

High well quality printers are basically made and engineered to print rapidly and efficiently and reliably.

Very Affordable Prices

We are always capable of offering our clients the wide range of services and our prices are affordable.

Amicable Support

We employ a staff of fully trained friendly and professional agents that are available for 24 * 7 Services to clear all your doubts.

Rapid Shipping

We are experts in packaging and shipping on all the documents we produce through our logistics quality means.

Money Back

To guarantee that we deliver on our promises we provide a 25 days money back refund.

Advanced Technology

we are current and regular on the most advanced and cutting edge technology in travel document.


BUY AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS is one of best websites for all your documents production. We have Unique printers of identification documents accepted internationally as a top company in document production and secret features. Additionally, we offer the services of real and fake passports, Driver’s licences, Certificates, Diplomas, and many more.

Since opening 2005, we have been the best producers of real and fake documents . Our continues and steady growth over the past years has made us to compete with even the world’s largest producers. We produce both real and fake documents, we work with a lot of embassies inside and out of the country who authenticate the information we forward to them in their respective databases.

With a lot of years and expertise in travel, identification and citizenship services we assist people with difficulties in getting any document. Trusted by a lot of people all over the world, we manufacture all types of documents for almost all countries in the world.

Best quality, Perfect services for best customer satisfaction

Do you want to begin your life over with a brand new identity? Are you willing to travel to your dream country? unfortunately your passport is expired? Probably you simply feel like having a lot of fun in an exotic nightclub and enjoy cocktails, but you are not of age? If any of these situations happen to you, then you will be glad to know that the only solution is available here. With our store, you can buy Visa, likewise passports online, both database-registered and unregistered. We also produce SSN for sale, green cards for sale, ID cards for sale and driver’s licenses for sale.

As soon as your mind is made up to purchase a document online, turn to We give you with quality novelty documents at very affordable prices. Additionally, your complete privacy is assured. You have our confidence! Our reputation speaks for itself courtessy of many satisfied clients worldwide.


Our buyers information and details are very important to us and for this reason alone, we keep all information of clients 100% secured and safe. We additionally erase all our information from the data based in case of rectification. This is to make sure all our clients can use their documents legally.


We ensure we keep ourselves on our professionalism. We’ll take caution to your basic needs just to make sure you get what you paid us for.All our documents are verifiable by a supervisor before leaving the property. Our standards and reputation are of the utmost importance.

Amicable Support

Good swift costumer and support services to come to your aid any time you deem fit. We think distinctly. We know that your situation may be complex. Let us know your problem and we’ll find a way to solve it eventually.

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